Hey, A Bump!

My treasury...it took a while to find this many actual maternity sellers on Etsy! Most were just stretchy clothes that you may or may not be able to wear while preggo. Click to visit!

Hey A Bump

Once the treasury is over, if you want to check out any of these shops, simply snag the username from under the pic and go to "username".etsy.com. Then you can check out their shop!


new duds

Some of my recent listings over @ Carmel in the past few days. For additional pictures, check out my flickr.

Time Bomb Maternity Shirt

Time Bomb Maternity Shirt

Beach Babe

Beach Babe

Sweet Tweet Birdy

Sweet Tweet Birdy

Sweet Tweet Birdy Dress

Sweet Tweet Birdy Dress

Save Second Base Womens Breast Cancer Support Shirt

Save Second Base Womens Breast Cancer Support Shirt

And now I'm off to drink a Pepsi and wait for the treasury to open!


check it out!

I'm famous! I'm on the front page of the Storque on Etsy! The Spotlight. Ooo la la. (Unfortanetly it's my least favorite picture in that listing...) Go look!! I'm excited! (& I need to update flickr so I can add new pics on here.)


African Safari

Kathleen is at it again! She really does make such adorable clothes! I'm excited for these shorts because I could get away with them on Ki. (& any other kids I have later.) Go check out the African Safari Shorts GIVEAWAY!!!!


to have & to hold

I'm trying to think of a cool name for my latest listing... I don't like the couple I've switched in and out of there (intimates for the bride & bridal bottoms). Boring! Just click the pic to visit the listing. I figured they'd be a good summer item!

Have & Hold

What do you tink about the item and price and all? It's printed on the left cheek. :)

Have & Hold

I think they're hilarious. Mike thinks I'm crazy. I gave these to Mike's cousin and she loved them and even wore them. I need to ask her about sizing. I made a guess, so I should see if they run right on or small.


mail call

I got a couple packages in the mail today. So fun! A while back I entered in a contest to win 3 DVDs. All I had to do was tell how my Mike proposed. So I guess it's really him who won... Pretty cool though! I got Notting Hill, Absolutely, Maybe & Love Actually. I've never seen Love Actually and from the reasons it's rated R, I'm not sure I want to. Have any of you seen it? Give me a heads up if you have!


My other package was SO much more exciting than I expected (although I was originally looking forward to it)! I'm getting a bunch of pottery from the lovely Vessels & Wares. Mike's designing her web site and I'm getting a bunch of custom work from VW as my birthday present from him. :) Perfect! Anyhoo, last week Jeanette said she was sending my color samples of my choices. I was expecting a little envelope of 3 bunny butt key chains or something. (And that had me all happy!) Well when I got home and saw the box, I was taken aback. I opened it up and was giddy. Lovely lovely work! Two little bowls and a small (salad) plate in my colors.

Vessels & Wares

Vessels & Wares

They were packaged SO well, there's no way they'd get harmed. So go order from her and feel super confident that it'll arrive perfect at your door. Such high quality! So I now own 4 VW items (after my mug) and have more to come. Wahoo! Thanks Jeanette!! LOVE them.

I don't think I ever showed you guys Ki's "stuffed boy" because heaven forbid our son own a doll... Tina of Baby be Blessed custom made him just for us! It's an old shirt of my dad's made into the little boy. (My nephew is the proud owner of an adorable monkey made out of another shirt. Maybe my SIL will post pics of her sweetie & monkey...hint hint!) Ki was so cute with his boy tonight. Hamming it up for me and hugging & kissing him.

stuffed boy

stuffed boy

All in all it's been a marvelous afternoon & evening! Spent time with my sweet little mister, got fun mail, & got some work done! Niiice.



I'm in my first treasury since I updated my pics! Check it out.

for the girls



is a work my butt of night. My maternity shirt supplier will be gone for 3 weeks. I need maternity shirts before they get back. Lots. So I need to sell sell sell! This means I most definitely need more designs, right? So I have to spend all night in the bathroom. And while my screen is drying all 3 -4 times it needs to be dry in the process I can hug my baby, eat, hang with the hubby and design my next line (which I'm WAY excited about!). Also, I have 2 shirts to print. Maybe a 3rd if the person gets it purchased by tonight.

So. I told Mike he has to make me work tonight. His response? "Ok. I'll just stand behind you and give you wet willies until you do." Oh so loving.


all in a days work

I've been coming across a lot of giveaways lately. It's pretty cool. Bet you guys like it too, eh? (I think I should move to Canada, I'm diggin' the "eh" lately.) Yesterday I saw that Grosgrain had another adorable dress to give away. I really do wish she made little boy stuff (3T, ok?) because it's all so freaking adorable! It's a Pinata Pinafore and you can see it by clicking over there. Serious. Go now. (I really need a little girl!)

I also rediscovered a fun blog of a Canadian momma and Pastor's wife. She is always reviewing products (like this one of mine) and having scads of contests. I just entered to win my Ki some adorable shoes from See Kai Run. Fitting, right? I think I should totally win because of the name thing. They're not too expensive though. Not for all the time, but special occasion shoes. The ones I saw were in the $30's.

So check them out. They're both fun blogs and can be found on my sidebar. See? Over on the left. All alphabetized and nice. I update and weed it often to get a good read. Have fun!


A not so cool day. Well. In some ways. I did get to sleep in. Hehe. Mike got up with Ki and they came in and woke me up at 10:10. Church starts @ 11. So I stayed in bed and the boys went. I know, I'm a heathen eh? Just kidding. Anyhoo I had a nice time chalking and listening to bahbabye-babye baby with the little man. He's cute.

The not so cool part came later. I burned a screen and left it under the light a couple minutes longer than usual because there were thicker parts of emulsion. Well, after 2 very long sessions in the bathroom trying to spray it out...I realised I over exposed it. The thicker parts were perfect. Washed out beautifully! The thinner (normal) emulsioned spots wouldn't work. My guess is the longer time with light went through the transparency and was just too much. So I have a lot of burnt time (ha! so funny) and now need to re-do the screen. I'm kind of over the bathroom.

So my whole new line that would have been out in the next few days is now pushed back a bit. But at least now you know I'm going to be starting lines, or series. I'm uber excited! Neat-o.

I need some coffee.

I was getting kind of sad that nobody had purchased new shirts yet. But then yesterday I sold 2 t's. That was happy. AND my buddy Mandi had like 4 sales in 1 day! Wahoo! Pretty nice. And Lori is selling like gangbusters. Seriously. They're cool.



I've got 2 shirts up (and am slowly adding more). Do you like my first pics, or should I swap them around? I wasn't sure if I should put the close shot first or not. All will have 5 pictures when completed. Let me know what you think.

Still to come... a new banner by my Mike to fit with the blog (and the eventual look of the real web site) and many more listings. :)



Less than 48 hours until the shop re-opens. It's almost go time. Eek! Lots left to do. I am so excited for the new look. It's so much more polished, professional, and fun. Mike's editing my pictures marvelously. They're funky and hip and lovely. It's super. :) Here's a bit more of a teaser to give you a feel of the new "me".

Look at my arm! Mike's been giving me fake tattoos (and totally making me want a real one) and I just noticed this one says Mike (click to enlarge). :) He's a cutie.

Also, for you my lovely blog readers, I have a promo code! This code will be valid Saturday and Sunday. Pick other for your payment method and I'll send you a Google Checkout invoice. When checking out, simply enter "lucky # 12" as the coupon code and get 12% off! So, stop by and check out the rest of my wondrous shirts and Mike's handy editing. (Also, a special shout out to my boddy who took all of my gorgeous pictures. Thanks!)


Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream Social Frock Giveaway!!!!

Ok, so I know the contest post was yesterday, but I found another awesome one! You don't mind, do you? I went blog hopping and happened upon Grosgrain's blog. She's giving away the most adorable dress ever. Seriously. Check it out.

I wish it came in my size! I'd totally wear it. Anyhoo, head over to the Ice Cream Social post TODAY and enter. I almost missed it. :) Dress is size 2-4.

PS Now I really want some ice cream.



I won 2 contests recently. Mondays are my new favorite. Well, not really, but we can pretend right? Last Monday I won an adorable little lamb over at Baby be Blessed. Seriously cute! Today I got an email saying I won 3 "Proposal Themed DVDs" over at A Mom's Review. I'm super surprised because usually I never win anything. My brother's the one who always wins the humongo Mickey for being 100th through the DisneyLand doors. So it's neat-o. THanks ladies!

So, after all my good luck, you may want to try for some of your own on the contests below. Or just bother cuz I'll probably win 'em all... ha!


Sew Gracious is giving away this loverly tote. Head on over to her blog and leave a comment with your favorite item in her shop and it could be yours!


Lori is having a sweet contest, but I need to take pics for it and haven't gotten around to it. Share your purse essentials and you could win these!


Because I'm Me is also having a contest. Easy as pie! Comment on her post with your favorite shop item and win a $15 gift certificate. I love this quilt! I used to not be a big quilt fan, but she's converted me. Hers are so vibrant! The thing I love the most with a lot of her quilts is the fabrics she combines. They look wondrous together, but aren't matchy matchy.


Sugar & Meringue (who makes the prettiest cookies I've ever seen) is hosting a National Sugar Cookie Day (Wednesday) activity. It's not technically a contest (I don't think you win anything), but it sounds fun! Stop over and check out her blog and check her lovelies out.


lucky #12

I'm getting anxious, nervous, and excited about next Saturday. My grand re-opening! I've been printing (and dyeing) like mad today. New, fresh t's that make me smile. Some old designs with new colors. Like my Preggo shirt. I was getting so tired of that tan!


I also printed up some other new things. And since you're my special little blogging buddies I'll share a bit. Don't mind the mess...I was hard at work (playing preggo)!

Preggo Poppy

Apparently I've decided I'm little...

Sweet Little Miss

This is a cool 2 color print that turned out pretty well. I'm kinda diggin' it.

Circular Love

Trees :)

Trees & a Birdy

A little woopsie daisy I just listed.

Preggo oops

Ok, that's all for now. Back to work!

on being regular

Not that kind, ya goon!
Do you ever find blogs that you really like...but they never update? I hate that! I have some that I adore reading. The content is great. It's just the lack of regularity. I tend to take them off my blog list for a while. There's one I'm holding out for...tempted to take it off (to avoid daily disappointment) but I just love their products! I almost added a new blog today, but noticed they update at most every 2 weeks. So I didn't. Am I the only blog nazi out there? Please say it ain't so!



My dear friend's hubby is in Iraq. For the second time. The first time they're 1st son was born. (He'll be 4 this month.) This time they have 2 little ones. They are the 'rents of Ki's girlfriend who's 1.5. Needless to say, Jess has her hands full! If you think of my buddy, say a prayer for their sweet family. They could use it. (Hopefully he'll be home in a few months!) In the mean time I came across this today. It totally made me think of her. And cracks me up. The color is even perfect. Too bad they don't sell prints...

Love you JP!

unpresent presents

I'm trying to hold back. I've always been a saver, even growing up. I'd save money and then plan and buy big things I wanted. (Unlike my brothers who always had money to burn. Now!) Mike likes to get his presents right away too. He got a couple gift cards for some favorite restaurants for Fathers' Day and they're both gone. He's a goof.

For my birthday I got 3 things I have to pick. It's a double whammy problem. Savoring the gifts and a decision. Ack! After 2 weeks of nagging I finally picked my coffee corset on Monday. I'm excited to have "sexy coffee" like Mandi! (Plus Jenn was a dream to work with - SO friendly!)

I'm holding out on my Jewllori. I want to stagger my mail. It's always fun to get mail, so I want more mail days. Is that odd of me? Mike thinks I'm crazy and I should get everything right now.

And the biggest decision...I really need to make. For Jeanette's sake. I have to pick what I want! How many place settings should I get? I don't even know! Any tips/suggestions? I can still "order" and savor the gift. It'll take her time to make it and I'm sure it won't come the same day as my others. (It's really cool thinking someone's making pottery specifically for me!) I want this.

I feel anal today. It's probably there all the time, I just don't notice it.


night time

Last night I felt like I got a lot done. Really, I did. Mandi and I went to a meeting for a family day we'll be selling at. It's a first for both of us and we're really excited. (I'm also nervous...unsure on which products, what sizes, how many...) So we got coffee and headed over there. (I ordered her drink because she always likes mine better. hehe. Was it good, deary??) We're pretty much the only people selling which is nice, but odd. Oh well!
I got home and got some snuggles from my little man. Finally got emulsion on my screen! The poor thing's been sitting there almost a week because I kept having other things come up. Tonight I will be burning it and washing it out. Then hopefully printing some more new designs!
I also got a couple orders done. Dyed shirts, printed shirts... I was going to print another order, but it still wasn't dry at 12:30 so I decided to call it a night. Mandi hung out and sewed up some monkeys & dolls while I worked. It's always nice to have company...and...odd movies... (I've picked a couple random ones of Netflix instant watching and they've been different.) I'll have to show you a sweet little design I drew super fast to fill space on a transparency. I love it!
Tonight I need to complete orders and get everything out! So if you have an order in it will be shipping tomorrow! Wahoo!
Also, if you're wanting a Preggo shirt I have a medium I listed last night with a little discount. The ink bled through to the back so there's a slight shadow. I'd wear it. Plus you can easily cover it with a sweater.
Catch ya later! I'm off to sneak in a little reading between phone calls. :)


I got some blog love last night. It's a little glimpse of my future web site. I'm excited. :)