I've got 2 shirts up (and am slowly adding more). Do you like my first pics, or should I swap them around? I wasn't sure if I should put the close shot first or not. All will have 5 pictures when completed. Let me know what you think.

Still to come... a new banner by my Mike to fit with the blog (and the eventual look of the real web site) and many more listings. :)


Jen said...

The new photos look great! (And the shirts, too!) I would do the closer shots, tho, just cuz you can't really see what's on the shirts in the thumbnails, and you want people to look beyond those.

Jewllori by Lori said...

ooooooooooh great job! I agree with Jen! The second to last pic on the flutter by shirt is the best, cause it's really close and I can see the actual print. ALL THE PHOTOS ARE GOOD! Man, great job you guys!! The preggo shirt pic is great too, I would keep the one you have as the first one.

Good job, I can't wait to see more!! YOU ROCK!