Heavens to Betsy!

I am super upset. Like not cool. While I was messing with blogger earlier today I tried to delete flickr from it so I could re-add it. (I wanted to make sure I had the right flickr account linked.) Turns out I deleted my account altogether. From blogger. Wouldn't ya think I'd have to log in to flickr to do that? I emailed flickr to see if there was any way I could get stuff (pictures, comments, captions, contacts...) back, so we'll see. I'm so sad about this though! I feel like a big dummy. I may be up late again tonight after I print!

Under Construction

I'm changing things around on here. Majorly simplifying in preparation for a major overhaul. The plans are to go all flash. Sweet! I'm excited. Mike rocks the house with his amazing design and animation skills. I can't wait to see how we (the entire site, not just my blog) look when he's done. However, I need to "get my butt in gear" and re-do my pictures first...


These are a few of my favorite things!

And if money were no option, they'd totally be mine.

I'm sure there is plenty more, but for now that's what I've got. Yummy goodness! Go check out all their shops. They're filled with wondrous goods!


Sneek Peak

This week I've printed a couple new designs. Even new dye combos that I made up! I love them both oh so much.

First I printed my Lola Flower (which was previously just on girls threads) onto a funky light green shirt for me. I LOVE the color combo. It is so fresh and springy! It is going to be my new maternity tee. Stay tuned, I'll be having a contest to win one within the next week! (I need to make one first.)

Last night I experimented with dye and made a lovely lavender. I'm thinking of calling it twilight. Any thoughts on that? It also looks nice and fresh and clean for spring. I printed a neat splatter with a semi-hidden cross that Mike designed in a light silvery gray. I think it looks like athe world, but I'm not sure that was intended. ;) AND I did it on the shoulder blade. It makes me want to get a tattoo there.



A few weeks I bought some beautiful jewelry! It is seriously awesome. This was my first experience wearing the lovely work of Lori. I feel so cute today. You wanna see it, right? Ok! Here it is. ;)

Also, as a way of saying thanks for being her 70th sale, the awesome Lori sent me a superb ring! I love it. It fits perfectly. Matches my spiffy new earrings, too.

Here are some more pics, including a little diddy I did in photoshop. I needed a printing break. Oh, and don't mind the ink on my hands! I was printing some Maker shirts.

Also, I think I'm going to submit an Alchemy post for a new nose ring. The one I have now is a bit large for my smallish nose. Not on the outside (that could be bigger), but on the inside. I think I'll submit my sweet awesome photoshopping diddy.

Hurrah for gorgeous new stuff that makes me feel loverly.


2 Weeks of Toys!

I just came across a really cool blog! It's written by 2 SAHM's and they have all sorts of neat finds. They're having a contest - 2 weeks of toys - with tons of great winnings!

Two Weeks of Toys - Giveaway Event

Totally stop over and see all the cool things you can win! Seriously.



My husband has a blog! He's finally jumping on the blogging train. He'll be updating about cool web work he's doing, including animations and other design work. Stop over and welcome him!

I Have a Maker!

I'm totally featured! Go check out this rockin' blog to see!

Ben & Leila

I am in love. Yesterday when we opened out mail we got some delish stuff! I had ordered from Ben & Leila a couple weeks ago and we finally got it! (Not that it took long. They made the pants just for my little man's tushy. ;) Check out my sweet pea in his new duds!

The pants are AMAZING. They are the best fitting pants Ki has! They aren't constantly falling down, which I adore. Also, they don't make his little diaper butt look humongo. ;) Plus, the tie is reversible. The other side is funky polka-dots. We loved it all so much my hubby asked if they have more pants available. So I checked...and now have 2 more pairs on the way! Saweet! Seriously, go check their shop out. Aside from the money that you WILL end up spending, you won't regret it!


The Cat

Hey, check out the sweet new design I have! It was spurred on from a custom order. I like it though! The first pic is of the custom tee I made. The purple tee (size 4t) is one that will be in my shop soon. I like the bright funky colors! I think it's pretty fun. Like cats?



My buddy Mandi just got a new look! Go check 3lilMonkeys out. She has sweet awesome wares as well!



It's getting muddy out and I snagged a treasury! It's my favorite yet. I have a little thing for green and brown...and am steadily getting addicted to pottery.


Free Friday!

One of my favorites (I've posted about her before) is having a give away!

Go check out Tina's blog. She's giving away this sweet Baby Be Blessed doll and all you have to do is comment! She has the verse "Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10 on her tummy under her little dress. I LOVE them! (My son will soon be the proud owner of a little boy.)



Dude, I'm excited! Remember how I told you I was getting a sweet awesome pouch from Mandi over at 3lilmonkeys? Well, I got it and I absolutely LOVE it! (I even got to pick the fabric!) Mandi made another with the same fabric that's now listed in her shop, so you can have one too! She also has another new one with different gorgeous fabrics.

Seriuosly. I carry this thing everywhere with me even though it's technically me make-up case. (Umm, maybe I should have her make another with a little wristlet loop!) Love it.


The purse

Here are my purse fabrics! The multi color is the body of the outside. The pinkish is the band around the top, and the teal will be the innards. Still no pattern. I've been busy working on your orders! :)


I'm going to make a purse

and I'm excited! Check out these lovelies to see the style I'm going for. (I got a sewing itch looking at fabric yesterday!)


Leaf Gathered Corduroy - sold (but I still love it!)

everyday shoulder bag - $45
I'll post pictures of my progress later. I have my fabric, but haven't even begun a pattern...



I will soon be the proud owner of one of these! Wahoo!

However, because Mandi @ 3lilmonkeys is so awesome, I get to pick my own fabric! I'm a sucker for brown and funky greens. Mmm. So I'm stoked for this! I'm somewhat of a minimalist with make-up. This little pouch will fit my concealer, powder, brush, and mascara beautifull! I can't wait! Don't worry, I'll be sure to show you pictures when I get it.