Ben & Leila

I am in love. Yesterday when we opened out mail we got some delish stuff! I had ordered from Ben & Leila a couple weeks ago and we finally got it! (Not that it took long. They made the pants just for my little man's tushy. ;) Check out my sweet pea in his new duds!

The pants are AMAZING. They are the best fitting pants Ki has! They aren't constantly falling down, which I adore. Also, they don't make his little diaper butt look humongo. ;) Plus, the tie is reversible. The other side is funky polka-dots. We loved it all so much my hubby asked if they have more pants available. So I checked...and now have 2 more pairs on the way! Saweet! Seriously, go check their shop out. Aside from the money that you WILL end up spending, you won't regret it!

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Mandi said...

Aww, I love that tie!!!! Awesome new duds man!