Oh my, oh my!

I have a new favorite. I was printing a sweet little onesie, much like one in my shop, but with a name on it for our friends' new niece. I decided to make a little set. I've dyed socks to match before, and I think it gives it a nice finishing touch. However, this time I tried something new.

I added in a burp cloth {cloth diaper} when I dyed, then printed the same image on it. {I though about flopping the colors on it, but didn't have time to dye 2 loads. Plus Beatrix will have other clothing to break up the outfit.} I am in love!

I love every detail about this little thing. The detail in the fabric is so sweet and dainty...and yet so handy. And washable. And positively showing up in my shop sometime soon.

And now I am off to put my sweet little man back in bed. He woke up crying as I began this post. I ran in {yep, seriously ran} and scooped him up. Then I laid him back in his bed and he said with in a very stern voice, "Lay down, Momma!" So I did and he gave me a huge goofy cheesy grin. Then followed me out here a few minutes later. So off to bed we go.

{Steph, I'll iron these before work and drop them by on my way. ;) }


Birthday Cake!

My little man is officially 2! Yesterday he seemed like a baby still @ 1. But 2? That's a boy! Sad. :( So cute though.

All glazed {Thank you Christy!!}, frozen and ready to go. I missed a few sides and they were a bit more crumby than the glazed parts, which was so slick!

All ready to frost red.

Frosted yeller.

A little stack. Don't think this qualifies as a tower at this height. {I didn't want to attempt a tower and have smashed cake everywhere!}
Duplos - his favorite toy.

I like this guy. For now the toothpicks are holding him, but we'll take those out for the show. He's covering up an oops. Added bonus!

This guy is funny.
Well hello Mr. Jungle Dude.

I just hope he recognizes them. If not, I'll be bummed. Happy birthday Little Man!! {Now I just have to wait for Mike to get home with my press & seal and I can cover them and hit the hay for a few hours!


Pottery Love

I was off work early yesterday and was hanging out with Ki. The doorbell rang and I was like, "Who the heck is that??" It was the UPS dude. With 4 boxes for me.

I was racking my brain trying to firgure out what I had ordered. And that much, too. I hadn't spent enough money to be getting 4 boxes... Maybe someone just loved me? Or it was birthday presents for one of my guys {both the end of this week}? I opened one of the boxes and Ki was entertained for the rest of the evening.

I'll post some funniness on our blog tomorrow. :) He's a nut. Anyhoo, I peeked in and was oh so excited! My pottery from Jeanette! Remember way back when Mike decided to make her web site in return for bunches of pottery as my birthday present? He finished the site a few weeks ago. It's cool. And I didn't mind my effortless {unless you could dish/color/# decisions} part of the job one bit! This pottery was SO amazingly packed! Very very well padded and peanutted.

I'm still missing 4 green plates because there was an issue with the green glaze. But I'm in love. 12 salad plates, 12 mugs, 12 itty bowls {all had 4 green, 4 teal, and 4 white}, 1 serving bowl, 1 special plate.

There's a smattering of stars. Some none, some 3...anywhere in between. And swirls.

Mike loves the bowls. The rim curves in a bit, so when you're trying to scoop something up the side, the rim kinda pushes it back onto the spoon, instead of plopping it on your lap. Genius.

Oh! I saw one of her serving bowls over at Vegan Dish and loved it. Except it said Vegan, which we aren't. She was so lovely and put our last name on this serving bowl instead! Love love love.

Then I still got one more thing, so I asked if she could do a "you are special" plate. {You know, to use on special days. To say "happy birthday" or "nice job sharing!" or "just because I love you"...} She totally whipped one up and I adore it too! I got a different color so it'd stand out from the crowd. Now don't you want to rush over and buy one??

Needless to say, everything will be eaten in/on tiny bowls and plates for quite some time. Love, people. They're gorgeous. And I'll let you use them if you visit sometime. I'm a good sharer. I could not be more impressed with Jeanette. She is awesome. If you're in the marked for pottery, check out her wares. Serious.


Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I must really love you, cuz you get to see pictures of my nastiness. The pink stuff is emulsion. I had to use emulsion remover to get it off, but the rest is done with CLR.

*If you're brave, you can click to enlarge photos.

There was a pale orangey color in the bottom part of my sink. Like if it were filled up with a bit of water...orange. CLR zapped it away! Around the rim and faucet are a bit better, not perfect. The grout just needs to go!

I know. It's a pit. I spose that's what happens when you work full time, screen print on the side, and have a hubby & 2-yr-old. Don't judge, k? Ok.

The result of this is my resolution to do all the dishes and shine the sink before I go to bed each night. Isn't it gorgeous!? CLR totally rocked the house on this.

I didn't really love CLR in the bathroom. It was ok, but my Lysol wipes probably worked just as well. {Maybe if I had spent a long time I'd have had better results...but I just don't have that time.} I absolutely loved it in the kitchen though! It took stuff off the counters with one easy swipe. No scrubbing. And my sink? Umm, look up a bit. If I weren't already married, I may well have married that there sink {aside from the broken garbage disposal part, but that's another story}.
Also, the CLR smelled funky. Like abnormal for a cleaner. I don't think I would go out an buy it {it was free from 5 Minutes for Mom!}. The best part was the sink and I think I could get about the same with elbow grease and baking soda. It will come in handy while it lasts though! {But next time? I think I'll read the label first and wear gloves. It really dries out and stinks up!}



Lori, my favorite little jewelry maker tagged me on this survey. Here goes!

The rules of the game are:

1) Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog
2) Share 7 facts about yourself, some random, some weird
3) Tag 7 more people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs
4) Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs


I cannot stomach using the end of tp in public restrooms. I have to tear it off and toss it so I'm not using tp someone may have touched. {I know, weird, huh?}

I like mystery/sleuth shows and movies, as well as chick flicks. Odd combo. Oh, and I hate stupid humor {i.e. dumb & dumber}.

I'm a major night owl and pretty much force myself to go to bed each night {tired or not} and then have trouble getting up every morning. Ugh.

Mike's the only dude I ever dated. {I'm like you, Lori!}

I dislike talking on the phone, yet worked as a switchboard operator for a year and now am a receptionist.

I love love love coffee. I'm a coffee snob. I like the expensive mochas. I do drink regular coffee {with some creamer} if it's all I've got.

I enjoy baking, but don't really like cooking. Unfortunately, my husband's tastes are about the opposite.

Totally tagging:
Shantel {cuz then she'll have to post}

PS I have the hiccups {again} and they hurt.


for a buck

or a lot of bucks... Insane Mama is having a fun contest. You can win $50 or $100, so you sould totally check it out. And here's my little halloween memory.

I was 4. We had just moved to a new neighborhood, so it was my first time trick or treating there. There was one house on our cul-de-sac with a very long driveway. I walked down the driveway and rang the doorbell. There was a witch sitting on the porch and she started talking to me. "Hello my pretty!" It scared me so bad I took off down the driveway to my parents {forget the candy, I wanted out!}. I knew her and she felt bad, so she started chasing me yelling, "Caitie, it's me! It's just me!" Which of course didn't help. I had a witch chasing me down the driveway. I think I avoided that house every year after.

{Sorry mom if I butchered it...you know my memory. :) }



I'm 24. I work in a hospital radiology department. I am paranoid I have or will get breast cancer. Ok, I'm not a nutso! It's just that we've had so many ladies in lately younger than the "40, better start your mammos" age. Today, a cute 35-year-old who is going to surgery next week. Last week, a 23-year-old with bilat breast cancer who just had a baby. Plus, we have so many biopsies and magnification views to call back lately. It freaks me out. {My mom's mom died from BC in her early 40's.} Makes me want to go get a mammo.

It's October. It's breast cancer awareness month. Go get your mammo. Serious. It takes like 10 minutes. It's not even that bad {or so I've heard}. No one's ever come out of the room crying from pain. They're usually happy. {Except for people who are just grouchy in general. Don't be one of those.} Even if your year isn't up until April, you can call and schedule it now so you don't forget. We schedule a year in advance for people all the time. Ok? Take care of yourself. And tell your friends and buddies.



Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. {You should all know this by now, my friends!} In honor of this, I'm donating 20% of each Save Second Base shirt to the Avon Foundation. So go check it out! I would love to make a zillion of these and spread the word, plus donate more.

Save Second Base Womens Breast Cancer Support Shirt

These shirts {while not listed in mens sizes yet} are available in men & womens sizes. If you'd like mens, just let me know. {You could even buy the womens listing and let me know in the notes to seller youwant mens.} Maybe I should get a guy to let me snag his picture in it, eh?

Also, if you'd like to try to win a shirt, Running with Heels will be giving away 5 of these shirts. Stop by and check out her lovely site {especially if you're a shoe lover!}.

$10! FREE!

Jenna at For The Love of Baby! has had a very busy September! She's gotten married, her daughter Kelsie became a big sister to Aubrey, and alot more! She will be celebrating with all of us beginning October 15th! But right now, she is giving you the chance to win ten bucks for a giftcard of your choice! So long as she can purchase it online-you can have it!
This Contest will End October 6th, 2008!