Pottery Love

I was off work early yesterday and was hanging out with Ki. The doorbell rang and I was like, "Who the heck is that??" It was the UPS dude. With 4 boxes for me.

I was racking my brain trying to firgure out what I had ordered. And that much, too. I hadn't spent enough money to be getting 4 boxes... Maybe someone just loved me? Or it was birthday presents for one of my guys {both the end of this week}? I opened one of the boxes and Ki was entertained for the rest of the evening.

I'll post some funniness on our blog tomorrow. :) He's a nut. Anyhoo, I peeked in and was oh so excited! My pottery from Jeanette! Remember way back when Mike decided to make her web site in return for bunches of pottery as my birthday present? He finished the site a few weeks ago. It's cool. And I didn't mind my effortless {unless you could dish/color/# decisions} part of the job one bit! This pottery was SO amazingly packed! Very very well padded and peanutted.

I'm still missing 4 green plates because there was an issue with the green glaze. But I'm in love. 12 salad plates, 12 mugs, 12 itty bowls {all had 4 green, 4 teal, and 4 white}, 1 serving bowl, 1 special plate.

There's a smattering of stars. Some none, some 3...anywhere in between. And swirls.

Mike loves the bowls. The rim curves in a bit, so when you're trying to scoop something up the side, the rim kinda pushes it back onto the spoon, instead of plopping it on your lap. Genius.

Oh! I saw one of her serving bowls over at Vegan Dish and loved it. Except it said Vegan, which we aren't. She was so lovely and put our last name on this serving bowl instead! Love love love.

Then I still got one more thing, so I asked if she could do a "you are special" plate. {You know, to use on special days. To say "happy birthday" or "nice job sharing!" or "just because I love you"...} She totally whipped one up and I adore it too! I got a different color so it'd stand out from the crowd. Now don't you want to rush over and buy one??

Needless to say, everything will be eaten in/on tiny bowls and plates for quite some time. Love, people. They're gorgeous. And I'll let you use them if you visit sometime. I'm a good sharer. I could not be more impressed with Jeanette. She is awesome. If you're in the marked for pottery, check out her wares. Serious.


Jewllori by Lori said...

YOU LUCKY DUCK YOU!!!!!! Love her stuff!! How fun. Wish I could come eat at your place now :)

Odannysgirl said...

Those are just fabulous!!! Her website looks really great too.

Mandi said...

Love them!! I'm coming over to test drive them, ok?

whitty said...

Ooo, that is lovely. What a lucky duck!

I don't know if you got my email last week, but I need to know if you have allergies/strong dislikes in regards to food, fabric and colors.

I am excited to start diving into back-tack! Thanks!