Birthday Cake!

My little man is officially 2! Yesterday he seemed like a baby still @ 1. But 2? That's a boy! Sad. :( So cute though.

All glazed {Thank you Christy!!}, frozen and ready to go. I missed a few sides and they were a bit more crumby than the glazed parts, which was so slick!

All ready to frost red.

Frosted yeller.

A little stack. Don't think this qualifies as a tower at this height. {I didn't want to attempt a tower and have smashed cake everywhere!}
Duplos - his favorite toy.

I like this guy. For now the toothpicks are holding him, but we'll take those out for the show. He's covering up an oops. Added bonus!

This guy is funny.
Well hello Mr. Jungle Dude.

I just hope he recognizes them. If not, I'll be bummed. Happy birthday Little Man!! {Now I just have to wait for Mike to get home with my press & seal and I can cover them and hit the hay for a few hours!


Jewllori by Lori said...

AWESOME JOB! and neat idea!!

Happy birthday to your 2 year old..it is hard to believe isn't it?

Mandi said...

Caitlin that is SO creative, I love it!!!!! Can't wait to see it in person!