Delish Caribou

On Tuesday we went out of town for a doctor appointment. I'll stop right here and fess up. I adore coffee! It is so superb. So much so... I used to work at a coffee shop and would love to again. But I do have this full time job, CT, and my men to think about. :) But of all the coffees out there, Caribou is my favorite.
The town where we live has no Caribou. Sad! We have Starbucks (which I dislike greatly) and a few local shops. There's one that I like on the other side of town. Mmmm. But it still doesn't meet Caribou delight. All this to say - I got Caribou on Tuesday! I got an Andes Mint blended mocha (2nd from the right in the pic) and boy was i glad. I'm not a big fan of chunks in my coffee. (I learned this a couple years ago when I got a Turtle Mocha from C and discovered it had chunks of nuts and chocolate. Gag!) This one had small chunks of Andes mints, but it was ok as it was blended. But as a general rule, I don't enjoy chewing my coffee.
This weekend I'm going out of town with some friends Caribou is on the mind... We WILL be making multiple pit stops. No choice. Ok, I suppose I'll end this very long rant dedicated to my love of coffee. Yum.



I'm proud to say...my hubster has a blog and is actually posting! A couple years ago I decided to start one for him. I thought it would be neat if he got in on it since I enjoyed it so much. I don't think he posted once. But my friends and I did. We had fun...Ha! It took a bit of encouraging to post at first, but he's doing it on his own now. I feel like an evil person for some reason. Maybe he's getting addicted and that's why. Well, I don't know about addicted quite yet. Regardless, you should hop on over and check it out and leave him some comments. He is new after all! (And a graphic mastermind.)


Baby...be Blessed

I'm so very excited to get these guys in the mail any day now! They're my favorite. Tina used a couple of my dad's old shirts we found in my mom's basement recently. It's so special because my dad passed away when I was 5 and my brother was 8. So the top little man is for my Ki and the monkey is for my nephew, Eli. They're SO perfect. Tina is wonderful.


Winner is....

I was going to wait for my adorable little man to pick a winner, but I couldn't take it any longer! So...here it is. Using my awesome mug that Mandi got me from Vessels & Wares. Mmmm.

I got a bit excited about the mug... The wonderful Lori of Jewllori won! Pretty RAD since she's actually preggo! So congrats, dear. Let me know what size you'd like. :)

Thanks to all who entered!


Word on the street.

In case you're looking to purchase some yummy Carmel Turtle goods, I just wanted to give you the heads up that I'm on semi-leave. I'm catching up on orders from when t's were back ordered. I'm also coming up with wondrous new designs and delving deeper into DIY screen printing! Oh, new pics with bodies in the shirts are coming too. I'll still be around if you have a REAL hankering for something! Feel free to contact me. :)

Tonight is also your last chance to enter in my maternity shirt contest. Yum-o! Check 'er out.

I got some mesh in the mail a couple days ago (finally!) to attempt to make my own screens. This will vastly move up my turn around time and I am SO excited to not have to wash out screens. Lovely!

Anyhoo, I'll keep ya'll updated on the latest around here. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend and gorgeous weather!



I want a thumb ring. In a bad way. The unfortunate thing about making sales is I seem to think I have all this money to blow! This is definitely not the case. So every few weeks I get the urge to buy. It's so hard to resist when there are all those wondrous sellers out there. Self control, Caitlin, self control!

Anyhoo, the latest desire is a sweet awesome (kind of obsessed with the word combo lately - it's like Lori & "rad") thumb ring. I was inspired by a co-worker who had a very pretty dainty little thumb ring with diamonds all the way around it. That is so not me. I want one that's hip and funky and organic and different. But I can't find it. You know when you have something in your mind and nothing fits? Yeah. That's how I am. I have, however, found lots rings that I love, just not for my thumb. Here's a few. Check out my fav's for 20 bagillion more! I went through lots.

A Blond And A Torch (She had a bunch of neat sets, I had trouble choosing!)


Coco Bijou

Christen Largent

Metamorphosis (Pretty sure this one's been here before, but I like it!)

And now I feel the need to rant... I hate blogger sometimes! Their photo stuff is horrible. It always puts it at the top of my post and when I drag it down to it's little home it adds a zillion empty text lines. Plus the line formatting gets messed up sometimes. I try to lay out my spacing with the shop names nicely. (Must be tha advertising/graphics part of me.) But it doesn't work. So my apologies! The shop name is above each photo.

Also, when looking through rings, I was further reminded of a big pet peeve. It really bothers be when people take pictures of rings on hands. It's gross! You see all the tiny little hairs and the cracks and crevices and bad nails and hands that need lotion... Not that mine are always perfect, cuz they aren't! I have seen lovely pics of the ring around various other objects (some above)...you just have to be more creative.

Ok, enough of that! Hope you're all having a lovely day. Don't forget to pop down and enter to win a maternity shirt. :)



I added a bit to my contest! You now don't HAVE to post about this contest anywhere. However, if you do, you get two entries!


Belly Shots!

No, I'm not preggo! I've been trying to get a good belly to re-take my product photos. Here's some behind the scenes scoop for you! I've tried a deflated ball, a deflated beach ball, pillows, blankets, batting, the list goes on. Well, Becky over @ DiscoBelly gave me a tip a while back that I decided to try. A leotard. I know, I know. SO not cool. Anyhoo, I ordered one with my last shirt order and it arrived on Saturday. So of course I had to test it out this weekend. I put it on and filled it with one of Ki's blankets and there it was! That perfect little baby belly! I even had a lot of friends fooled into thinking I was genuinely pregnant, so it must not look too bad. I think I'll go a bit bigger next time.

Here is a pic of the Lola Maternity tee that you can enter to win below. I normally wear a size medium, but tried the small because that's what I'd printed. It fit ok, but notice the belly isn't full term! So I'd still go with your normal shirt size. (Notice how long it is? I love it!)

Ok, the little man is finally quieting down in bed, so I'm gonna get crackin' and print some shirts! Hope you all had a good weekend and the mommas out there had a super Mothers' Day! (I got spoiled. ;)


Spring Fresh Lola Flower Contest

Yo everyone, I'm having a contest! Check out the bottom of this post for details on how you could win this maternity tee! Straight up and free. (I'll ship it anywhere.) Pretty awesome, eh? You need not be preggo to win. It'd make a superb gift, or...save it for later!

The specs:
  • Write about this contest somewhere with a link back to this post, be it your blog, facebook, whatev.
  • Link it in a comment to this post & get 2 entries into the contest.
  • Leave me a way to contact you in case you win!


  • Simply comment with your contact info and get 1 entry!
The deadline for this contest is Monday, May 19 so get crackin'!


Blog time!

I so got featured in a blog today! Lori stinkin' rocks my face off! PLUS she just passed 100 sales. :) Trust me. You should buy something from her. I own two pairs of earrings and a ring and I wear them quite often. (You'll see the second earrings on here sometime soon.) Her stuff is so well made! Anyway, go check out her post about me and a couple other Etsy folk and her shop as well!