Copper Springs Leather

I was featured again. Thanks Copper Springs Leather! You can head over to check out there blog and my little interview. From there you can visit their nifty shop!


A new do!

I finally have a new design listed! I am so excited about it. It's an awesome vintage yellow dye job. Then I printed a dark gray Navy fellow from the 80's on it. Massive. It's pretty cool. (And it's my dad!) I have another cool design to print, but you'll have to wait for that one! Until then, here's my latest. Enjoy!

By the way, this shirt fits in to the military support category! 10% goes to support troops. I'm thinking about donating to a families of fallen soldiers type of thing. Still checking it out though. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!



I have a 16-month-old little man. He has a oodles of energy. Any crafty ideas? I recently melted crayons and molded them into large crayons in cool shapes. He does much better with those than with regular (or even large) crayons. His drawings look more like rubbings. He enjoys coloring with them. Anyway, I bought finger paints a few days ago...kinda nervous for that adventure! I think we'll try them out this weekend. Do/did you do crafts with your munchkins? I need more ideas! So, drop me a note in the comments and let me know what fun things you guys like. We need some artsy fartsy-ness.


My love and addiction

I love screen printing. I honestly think that if I quit my day job and worked on Carmel Turtle full time I could make as much or more than I do now at work. And obviously have much more enjoyment! I would be able to make more designs (a part that has been lacking lately) and get products out the door faster. Oh it would be so marvelous. But for now I have to think about silly little things like health insurance. Such is life, eh? Someday. Someday my wonderful husband will have something with insurance and I can stay home with my munchkin and work on sweet awesome designs. Until them, I am content working on my little addiction in my "spare" time. Ki (my 15-month-old) loves helping my dye my clothes. I enjoy him reading books while sitting on my feet as I print, and my hubby working across the room. It's blissful.


Animate (but do it well)!

Thanks are in order to MiKETHiNKS who has worked so hard to get my blog looking amazing! I love it. It matches my web site exactly. There's even a new animation on the left. A new turtle who's very high tech with his little iPod. He makes me smile. Anyhoo, if you need any digital work done, poke around my site. He built it all, made the logo, turtles, animations...everything! Check him out. :)

Hey Hey

I totally got featured somewhere for Carmel Turtle stuff and didn't even know until she told me afterwards! Pretty exciting and nice. She wrote a whole little post about my stuff.



Thanks ever so much for stopping by my new blog. I look forward to bringing you updates on my shop, as well as some behind the scenes, reviews, product raves, and more. For now I'll leave you with a few superfly links!

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doubleyou etsy (my other site)
MiKETHiNKS etsy (hublover's site)