My love and addiction

I love screen printing. I honestly think that if I quit my day job and worked on Carmel Turtle full time I could make as much or more than I do now at work. And obviously have much more enjoyment! I would be able to make more designs (a part that has been lacking lately) and get products out the door faster. Oh it would be so marvelous. But for now I have to think about silly little things like health insurance. Such is life, eh? Someday. Someday my wonderful husband will have something with insurance and I can stay home with my munchkin and work on sweet awesome designs. Until them, I am content working on my little addiction in my "spare" time. Ki (my 15-month-old) loves helping my dye my clothes. I enjoy him reading books while sitting on my feet as I print, and my hubby working across the room. It's blissful.

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