absence makes the heart grow fonder?

I have not been keeping up with this blog. My heart has not been in it. I have been blogging over at our family blog, just not here. I suppose crafts and pretty things just don't seem very important or worthy of my time lately. I haven't spent hours trolling etsy as I have in the past.

I need to stop neglecting the lovely Carmel Turtle. So here I am. Back at your service. Staying more up to date, eh? Feel free to remind me of my screen printing love, as well as my love for everything handmade if ever I forget again, mm-k?

Now I'm off to dye some shirts and get orders going. Also finishing up my long awaited and asked for wholesale price list. {Sorry friends!}


bathroom duty

Mike and Ki are off at Nana and Grandpa's. I'm stuck in the bathroom all evening. Well, hopefully not too long. And not the way you think! I have to burn and wash out a screen. Here's hoping it's perfect like my last one. That would be swell. {This is my absolute least favorite part of screen printing. The screen's kind of important, though.}

P.S. This is post #100 over here! Wahoo!


blog love

So since I discovered Google Reader, I've sucked at commenting. I barely even go to peoples actual blogs...yeah. It's bad. I go to see pictures or read comments. On occasion I comment. But it's a lot easier to just sit passively staring into your lives. I should probably change that, eh? Here's to more active participating!


Amber Code

I just had to share a nifty new thing I found! Gina over at UnPink had it on her blog and I just haaad to get it for mine! It's that scrolling code on my left sidebar that has Amber Alerts. I rarely watch tv, so I think this is a marvelous idea! If bunches of people had these across the net we'd all know! If you click it it'll tak you to the site where you, too, can get this fashionable accessory.



A long long time ago (almost a year, maybe?) I sold a shirt. And I've been reading the buyer's blog ever since. She's pretty awesome. Which shirt did I sell? Oh, let me show you!

Becka is marvelous. I've followed her bout with breast cancer since then and am super happy she's doing well! So I clicked over to her blog this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see her Husboy wearing my shirt (at a baseball game no less)! Totally made my day. So thank you Becka! You rock.

On a different not, I've been a craptastic blogger of late. Well, here at least! My family blog has stayed more up to date. My wondrous hubby was in the hospital most of the week before last. We're just getting back to normal around home and caught up on orders and all that jazz. So thanks for the patience! Hopefully I'll get around to listing new stuff soon... Next up is burning a screen with an April bomb on it. (Tonight's project.) My Maker Shirt has been selling like gangbusters. Oh, and I was happy I sold another Filled with Love tee. Seriously, people! I LOVE that one!

Our family blog became more official this past week. We bought a domain (finally forked out the $14) and Mike is now designing the new look. I am SO excited for it! You can see a sneek peek over at his blog (which is a subdomain...need I say genius?). If you are looking for some new digs, he'll be selling his services soon. And he has a sweet new idea that allows you to host your web site incredibly cheap. I can't remember if he's posted about it yet, but it not he will. I'll make a blog addict out of him yet!