Just call me Crafty Caitlin

A few weeks ago Ki was not going down for his nap and I was frustrated. I went out to get some coffee and was playing the afternoon back in my head. Ki broke half his mini blinds {which I abhor} about a year ago. They've been halfway up since then. The other side has been all the way up so he doesn't break them {or hurt himself}. During his naptime it's so bright in there I can imagine having trouble sleeping. So I decided to finally make some curtains for my little man.

I think they turned out pretty cute -er- handsome!

Plus I did a super job matching Ki's sheets to the top of the curtains without them. Ki's been in his twin bed for a couple months now. We've just been using his little blankets to cover him up. I picked up a brown comforter for him and he just seems so much more like a boy, not a baby! I think it helps him stay in bed {as in not roll out} too.

I love making curtains. They're so easy to whip up an can completely change the look and feel of the room. Plus the nasty mini blinds are GONE! An uber easy thing to make a rental feel like home.


New duds

a few of which have been hanging in my closet since...summer...

I listed a few new things over on Etsy. I SO don't like my new pictures. They're kind of back to the way my old, boring pictures were. I like my clothes with people in them. But alas, I do not have a daughter or a baby. And I'd be dead meat if our sweet son was caught wearing girl clothes. {Not to mention he has a very boyish figure.} So I need to snag some pics from friends I've given clothes to. {Beware! I'm coming after you, my friends!} Also, if you've bought from me and want to send me your pictures, I'd love to use them!

*Click on the image to check it out in my shop.*

And one of my favorite new things...a crib sheet! It's so cute! I wish I'd made them when Ki was in a crib. But he's a big boy now. Hmm...I should print on his sheets...

Tonight right after I get home from work I am going to run around {hoping Ki will chill and color} and finish a few shirts and pop them in the mail before 6. I want them out! And I need to work on my backtack project. I'm so pumped for it! I'm excited to send stuff out to my partner.

Hope you all have a swell weekend! I may be blogging more often. I spent most of the afternoon reading old posts and I have blogging fever now. :) hehe.


The best clothing staple...

Dude. Friends and homies. I have found the smartest person alive. Ya know all those times when you have to scrounge for an undershirt, make sure it matches, deal with being a hot {actually, I never have that problem I'm always cold!}, mess with the bunched up shirts over your belly... It's irritating.

I was browsing Etsy a week or two ago and I came across the coolest thing ever! It's called a t-let. It's kind of a mix between an undershirt and a sports bra, I guess. But oh so comfy and stretchy. It goes up high enough to work as an undershirt {in straight, scoop, or square neck}, but it stops down under the girls just like your bra. Now, this is not in place of a bra! It has little spaghetti straps and wouldn't hold much. But it does wonders.

I bought a white straight neck t-let and had to wear it today {it came yesterday}. Before work I even "checked" it by bending over and you couldn't see down my shirt even like that! It rocks. I can't even tell I'm wearing it and I don't have extra bulk and girth around my midsection. Seriously. And it's cheap, too. Probably less than a lot of tank tops you'd find. This is my new favorite staple. I couldn't wait to share it with you!
The t-let is made by Gettis Accessories, who is brand spankin' new to Etsy. {I was her first sale, but she's already sold 2 others since then.} These babies are only $15. If you buy one let her know I sent you her way. She has a little referral program - if I refer 7 purchases {I think} I get a free one! So go buy away. You will not regret it. {Oh, and then spread the word and start racking up points for your own freebie!}


Christmas with MomDot Day 4

What is your favorite Holiday recipe?
My favorite thing to bake around the holidays is pie. Hands down. Especially apple and pumpkin. I love to make them from scratch. None of the pre-made crust or filling for me. This year I'm contemplating making my own pumpkin {as opposed to buying it in a cal}. It's been very intriguing lately. I wonder if I can still get a pumpkin around here...

Describe your Holiday table.
We don't decorate a table. Both of our families live in town, so we are usually bouncing back and forth between the two. And they're about as opposite as can be! At Mike's parents it's a big crowd {with 10 kids, plus a bunch of extended family and now spouses and a grandkid}. It's loud and there's always some fun to be had. It's usually buffet style on the bar of their counter.

At my parents is usually pretty laid back. My mom gets out the fancy china and silver utensils and we all sit down together at the table. We don't have any family nearby, so it's usually just my immediate family and now our spouses and the 2 grandkids on that side.

I've got it made. I don't have to cook anything. Although I do generally take something.

What is your biggest Holiday cooking disaster?
Ummmm, well since I don't really have that much holiday cooking experience, I don't have one. Sorry peeps!

And now I'm off to browse other peoples responses. :)

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Christmas Day 3

I'm finally jumping in and doing a post for MomDot's mega Christmas Giveaway. The first two I just felt like I needed to be home and by the time I'm there the rest of the day zips away from me and I'm too late. This one I can do at work though. :)

I have not started my Christmas shopping yet. I am a mega procrastinator with things like this and it drive me crazy! I hate it! Maybe I should start today? The past few years our gifts have been sporatic and small because we haven't had money for it. It drives me crazy. I absolutely love giving gifts. I'm pretty sure it's my love language and I kinda stink at it. I feel like I need money to give gifts, when if I am a good planner I can get creative and do it pretty cheap.

So this year, I plan to make a bunch of stuff, as well as purchase off of Etsy. {Oh how I love Etsy!} Unfortunately I can't share with you any plans, as pretty much everyone I know reads my blog. Well, maybe not everyone, but a bunch of people who shouldn't know what I'm getting them. We'll see if I make it to Christmas.

My other thing is I usually completely forget that I will probably get stuff too. I get so excited about giving things to other people and watching them open. I kinda like that though. I hope to teach my little man to put more into giving than receiving.

How about you? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

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Thinking Christmas

So I just discovered a new site yesterday. Actually I kinda feel like I've been there before a while back. But I got a sweet email inviting me to check out their mega contest going on right now. So. I will be posting a bunch about Christmas for a while. They {MomDot...I should at least tell you the site, eh?} have Christmassy questions each day and you can earn points for each time you answer on your blog and comment on others for over $1000 worth of prizes. Pretty cool! So you should check it out, too. Their site kind of confuses me, but I'm slowly navigating around over there.

So for the big prize, I'll fill you in on my dream Christmas. I've never really thought about this before. And I'm bad at decisions. I would like plenty of time off of work {or at least half days?} so I could actually decorate my home and bake yummy winter treats. Oh, and someone to shovel my driveway all winter! That'd be awesome! I would spend gobs of time with my favorite guys. We'd hang out and go shopping for our families {cuz we'd have moolah for things of that sort}.

I don't really have too much else. I don't have anything I need. Yeah, I have wants, but getting those won't make or break my Christmas. I'm more about chillin' with my homeboys. {Stuff is just an added bonus!}

And without further ado, the many sponsors {whose links hopefully pasted as well!} :

The Shrunks
Soda Club
Kadi Prescott
Uncommonly Cute
Lollipop Book Club
Kuster - adorable decor & furniture!
Silly Monkeez
LA Plates
Natitys Design - really cool car seat covers
Little Black Box
Kidz Sunglasses
jaC Jewelry
Appledonia - very cute appliqued onesies {& a penguin one my SIL would love}
Mutsy - some stylin' strollers
Huddy Buddy
Lets Go Strolling
Sassy Baby
Baby Legs
Scentsy - um, yum. That's all.
Organic Blankees
Shi Shu Style - very sweet, delicate, stylish baby blankets
Georgie Tees

I just had a nice time strolling through all those shops. There is some lovely stuff to be had! Seriously. You should all go check it out. I'm not one to plead my own case, so if you are...head on over. You'll probably have a better chance than me at snagging the loot!

And the hub said I had to link him {??}. So here he is. He also posts here occasionally, or ya might get me. P.S. dear hubby, you are allowed to go here and leave a comment why you/I/we deserve this too. :)


If I were a rich girl...

Wanna see what I really want? A girl can dream, right?

Wrap Top from Treehouse28 - $70

Wide Leg Pants from Treehouse28 - $65

For all of her clothing you give her your measurements and even get to pick the color. Totally custom. {Oh how I want a serger!} She also has a web site of pre-made clothes in set sizes that are a smigde cheaper {and have better pictures}.
And there you have it. My uber expensive want. :(