The best clothing staple...

Dude. Friends and homies. I have found the smartest person alive. Ya know all those times when you have to scrounge for an undershirt, make sure it matches, deal with being a hot {actually, I never have that problem I'm always cold!}, mess with the bunched up shirts over your belly... It's irritating.

I was browsing Etsy a week or two ago and I came across the coolest thing ever! It's called a t-let. It's kind of a mix between an undershirt and a sports bra, I guess. But oh so comfy and stretchy. It goes up high enough to work as an undershirt {in straight, scoop, or square neck}, but it stops down under the girls just like your bra. Now, this is not in place of a bra! It has little spaghetti straps and wouldn't hold much. But it does wonders.

I bought a white straight neck t-let and had to wear it today {it came yesterday}. Before work I even "checked" it by bending over and you couldn't see down my shirt even like that! It rocks. I can't even tell I'm wearing it and I don't have extra bulk and girth around my midsection. Seriously. And it's cheap, too. Probably less than a lot of tank tops you'd find. This is my new favorite staple. I couldn't wait to share it with you!
The t-let is made by Gettis Accessories, who is brand spankin' new to Etsy. {I was her first sale, but she's already sold 2 others since then.} These babies are only $15. If you buy one let her know I sent you her way. She has a little referral program - if I refer 7 purchases {I think} I get a free one! So go buy away. You will not regret it. {Oh, and then spread the word and start racking up points for your own freebie!}

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Jewllori by Lori said...

Coooool! I am checking them out now! Thanks for the info.. I always love finding neato stuff like that.