Well, at least a little one. This weekend my boys (hubby and 1-year-old) and I did some major rearranging. I LOVE it! We essentially swapped the office and living room. We were always back in the cramped office. Me printing, Mike working onthe computer, and Ki playing. We were never in our spacious living room. So we fixed that problem! I should put pictures up later. It sounds weird, but it's really very cozy and cute. One wall has my shelf and workbench, then the corner has the tv, then the next wall has 2 large shelves and Mike's computers. And last but not least, a big LoveSac in the middle of the room. It's awesome! As I said, I'll have to add some pictures so you don't think I'm a crazy!


There's a mouse in my house!

Well, at least one. Unfortunately, I'm sure there are more. Um, did I mention I abhor mice? They freak me out. Not a fan. However, I did snag a treasury on Etsy and fill it with cute handmade mice. It was a little attempt to relax about my little visitors. They're so cute on Etsy. Not so cute in my house. In fact, I saw one this afternoon after work. Here. In my office. Needless to say, I went out and bought live traps and my feet have been on my chair all evening. I'm feeling a bit cramped. I am hoping the office mouse is the same one I saw yesterday running into my living room, and the day before on my top stair from the basement. Then there's only one upstairs. I don't think I will be able to go to bed until said mouse is caught. My bedroom is right between the living room and office. Not cool. I am petrified of a mouse scrambling on me in my sleep. EEK!

Ok ok, enough already! Go check out the treasury cuz it's cool. And I need mousal support. Mandi also got a treasury that she made about monkeys. It's so fitting, as she's 3LilMonkeys. Now I'm off to design some sweet awesome t's!

I think I just saw it again! Go to the trap little mouse!!!

Sling Love!

I just discovered a really awesome sling. It's made by ModMum. Such adorable, funky prints, too! My favorite is the Chloe print. Love it. It would be so nice to wear my little man. He's been clingy lately and wanting to be held a lot. Plus, when we do have another baby, Ki is so active I will need to strap #2 on just to keep up!

I attempted to make a sling after Ki was born, but that didn't work too well. I want to babywear, but have never had the gear. Anyhoo, Ellinghouse is hosting a cool contest where you can win one of the lovely slings above! Neato, right? So head over and check them out. She just has a cool blog in general.


Exploring Etsy

I bought a promo pack a little while ago from octarine on Etsy. I was curious. Anyway, it arrived today it's fun. Here's a picture of all the goodies. Check out my flickr for notes on what everything is and the shops included.

Scripture Dolls

I am in love! I thought I would share one of my favorite sellers on Etsy. I haven't purchased from her. Yet. It's only a matter of time though! Tina creates the most adorable dolls. Girls, boys, animals... Too cute. They all have a great Bible verse on their tummy. They are so adorable, soft, and cuddly! I'll show you some so you can fully appreciate. Ok, here you go!

She's 2 sales away from 100 since December! Go be #100!!


Sugar Scrub

I am so excited for tomorrow night! I'm having some friends over for a "Girls' Night In" and it should be awesome. I stumbled across a recipe for a sugar scrub a month or so ago - completely free. The awesome Shamrocklady listed it on Etsy out of the kindness of her heart. I am looking forward to testing it out tomorrow. Should smell superb!

Here's her recipe for
Strawberry Sugar Scrub

You will need:
1/2 c. sugar
1 frozen strawberry (thawed)
1 TBsp safflower, canola, or other oil
2 drops peppermint essential oil (optional)

Measure sugar into a bowl. Drop in the strawberry and mash it thoroughly with a fork. Make sure that you get the strawberry mixed in well. (Scrub will make a thick "dough" at this point.) Once strawberry is mixed in, add the oil(s)and mix thoroughly again.

Use on hands, feet, or whole body. Store any leftovers in a covered container in the fridge. It should keep for about a week.

This is a great scrub to use in the bath or shower.(I especially like to use it before shaving my legs.) The true beauty of sugar scrubs is that unlike salt scrubs, they won't sting any little knicks or cuts you might have gotten crafting!

Thanks ShamrockLady!


Ready, set, wait!

I want to fast forward a few days. I am so excited to get my next American Apparel order! I have some fun new ideas that I will be using on some items... But I have to sit and wait! I suppose I could be working on even more new designs, but I'm just ready to dye and PRINT! I do have a sweet shirt I got for Ki (my little man) on my last order that I need to print on. The sad thing is...I have not printed a thing for my poor boy! One thing for my hubby, one random whim for myself, and nothing for him. So he gets his own special design. I just need to get that on my screen.

Someday I'll show you all my little workspace. It's where I hang out about every evening with my favorite person while he makes web sites. ;) Anyhoo, stay tuned to my site. As soon as those shirts come in...



Here it is. The reason I am here. The beautiful Lori! She is how I found out about Etsy and began my selling adventure. Not only that, she has her own lovely shop filled with beauties. I love all of her work. Add to that any purchase from her shop helps support her family as they do missionary work and you can't go wrong! So stop by and check out her stuff. Maybe even show your support and pick something up. You won't regret it!


Orange Bliss

I FINALLY got a treasury! So excited! It's all orangey and filled with many of my buds and a few others. I've got some Lori, a little Mandi, some Becky... It's a happy place. Go check it out!