Sling Love!

I just discovered a really awesome sling. It's made by ModMum. Such adorable, funky prints, too! My favorite is the Chloe print. Love it. It would be so nice to wear my little man. He's been clingy lately and wanting to be held a lot. Plus, when we do have another baby, Ki is so active I will need to strap #2 on just to keep up!

I attempted to make a sling after Ki was born, but that didn't work too well. I want to babywear, but have never had the gear. Anyhoo, Ellinghouse is hosting a cool contest where you can win one of the lovely slings above! Neato, right? So head over and check them out. She just has a cool blog in general.

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My friend sold something like these at her kids specialty store in our town. Once moms figured out how comfy they were they sold like hotcakes.