There's a mouse in my house!

Well, at least one. Unfortunately, I'm sure there are more. Um, did I mention I abhor mice? They freak me out. Not a fan. However, I did snag a treasury on Etsy and fill it with cute handmade mice. It was a little attempt to relax about my little visitors. They're so cute on Etsy. Not so cute in my house. In fact, I saw one this afternoon after work. Here. In my office. Needless to say, I went out and bought live traps and my feet have been on my chair all evening. I'm feeling a bit cramped. I am hoping the office mouse is the same one I saw yesterday running into my living room, and the day before on my top stair from the basement. Then there's only one upstairs. I don't think I will be able to go to bed until said mouse is caught. My bedroom is right between the living room and office. Not cool. I am petrified of a mouse scrambling on me in my sleep. EEK!

Ok ok, enough already! Go check out the treasury cuz it's cool. And I need mousal support. Mandi also got a treasury that she made about monkeys. It's so fitting, as she's 3LilMonkeys. Now I'm off to design some sweet awesome t's!

I think I just saw it again! Go to the trap little mouse!!!

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