Ready, set, wait!

I want to fast forward a few days. I am so excited to get my next American Apparel order! I have some fun new ideas that I will be using on some items... But I have to sit and wait! I suppose I could be working on even more new designs, but I'm just ready to dye and PRINT! I do have a sweet shirt I got for Ki (my little man) on my last order that I need to print on. The sad thing is...I have not printed a thing for my poor boy! One thing for my hubby, one random whim for myself, and nothing for him. So he gets his own special design. I just need to get that on my screen.

Someday I'll show you all my little workspace. It's where I hang out about every evening with my favorite person while he makes web sites. ;) Anyhoo, stay tuned to my site. As soon as those shirts come in...

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