Sugar Scrub

I am so excited for tomorrow night! I'm having some friends over for a "Girls' Night In" and it should be awesome. I stumbled across a recipe for a sugar scrub a month or so ago - completely free. The awesome Shamrocklady listed it on Etsy out of the kindness of her heart. I am looking forward to testing it out tomorrow. Should smell superb!

Here's her recipe for
Strawberry Sugar Scrub

You will need:
1/2 c. sugar
1 frozen strawberry (thawed)
1 TBsp safflower, canola, or other oil
2 drops peppermint essential oil (optional)

Measure sugar into a bowl. Drop in the strawberry and mash it thoroughly with a fork. Make sure that you get the strawberry mixed in well. (Scrub will make a thick "dough" at this point.) Once strawberry is mixed in, add the oil(s)and mix thoroughly again.

Use on hands, feet, or whole body. Store any leftovers in a covered container in the fridge. It should keep for about a week.

This is a great scrub to use in the bath or shower.(I especially like to use it before shaving my legs.) The true beauty of sugar scrubs is that unlike salt scrubs, they won't sting any little knicks or cuts you might have gotten crafting!

Thanks ShamrockLady!

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