Just call me Crafty Caitlin

A few weeks ago Ki was not going down for his nap and I was frustrated. I went out to get some coffee and was playing the afternoon back in my head. Ki broke half his mini blinds {which I abhor} about a year ago. They've been halfway up since then. The other side has been all the way up so he doesn't break them {or hurt himself}. During his naptime it's so bright in there I can imagine having trouble sleeping. So I decided to finally make some curtains for my little man.

I think they turned out pretty cute -er- handsome!

Plus I did a super job matching Ki's sheets to the top of the curtains without them. Ki's been in his twin bed for a couple months now. We've just been using his little blankets to cover him up. I picked up a brown comforter for him and he just seems so much more like a boy, not a baby! I think it helps him stay in bed {as in not roll out} too.

I love making curtains. They're so easy to whip up an can completely change the look and feel of the room. Plus the nasty mini blinds are GONE! An uber easy thing to make a rental feel like home.


Jewllori by Lori said...

I have material sitting in Ross's dresser waiting for me to make new curtains for his room...soon I hope they will get done!

I love what you've done! And I love the color on the walls...my favorite :)

Janie said...

Okay. That is waaaaay too talented.

Now will you come decorate my house?