recent clothing experimentation

I just mailed out a custom order of 5 of these babies today. Christmas presents. I think it's cool.

This maternity shirt is listed over in my shop {click pic to get to listing}. I have a medium and large left. They're not the best product photos, but they're kind of artsy and cool. I may re-take them in a few days. {Or I may not need to. I've sold 2 of the 4 I listed last night!}

The shirt below is my fav! It's a really pretty purple {deeper than the pic} and it has a few random hazy blue areas. You can see one a little to the left and below the words in this picture. If I was preggo and it'd fit me I'd be keeping it!

I've been getting uber tired of the brown maker shirts, so I decided to switch it up a bit. I'm having fun with color and some OOAK creations!

Also, tonight I'll be listing some more kiddo clothing. I need to get my new favorite set up. :) Ki's had it for a bit and it is one of Mike's favorite outfits of his.

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.jimaie.marie. said...

I LOVE your Maker shirts, they are amazing!! I had favorited them on etsy and when I went back to visit your store i was SO sad to see it gone :( is there another place you sell your shirts? I hope your doing well, love the blog!