Spring Fresh Lola Flower Contest

Yo everyone, I'm having a contest! Check out the bottom of this post for details on how you could win this maternity tee! Straight up and free. (I'll ship it anywhere.) Pretty awesome, eh? You need not be preggo to win. It'd make a superb gift, or...save it for later!

The specs:
  • Write about this contest somewhere with a link back to this post, be it your blog, facebook, whatev.
  • Link it in a comment to this post & get 2 entries into the contest.
  • Leave me a way to contact you in case you win!


  • Simply comment with your contact info and get 1 entry!
The deadline for this contest is Monday, May 19 so get crackin'!


Lori- Jewllori Designer said...

AWESOME CONTEST CAIT! I published a post on my blog..here is the link


Hope I win! I would love a maternity shirt from you!

Mandi said...

Sweet contest!!!

Christy said...

I posted a note on my Facebook account...


I hope I win!!! :) I've been wanting to see some of your clothing up close but haven't had the money to buy anything yet.

Anonymous said...

cool shirt..you are the coolest, i hope that i win!!

Jody said...

I love the shirt, both the colors and the design. I shall add a mention on my blog in today's post.

Charity said...

This is really lovely! Count me in, please! :0)

Booflies said...

(note: this is a blog that is REGULARLY READ by LOTS of people!)

I will also put it in a note on Facebook. (also seen by lots of people)

AND if I win, I will link to your Etsy site in my signature on Mothering.com - a site FULL of moms who allll love supporting moms who hand-make goods for sale. I'll keep the link for 10 days :)

Booflies said...

Facebook note.

The Calico Cat said...

WOW - I love lime - I sure hope my work in progress does as well.

The Calico Cat said...

My mention:

Jeanne said...

If I win, I'll have it sent to Amy at Calico Cat. I love lime green, too.

Laura said...

Would love to win. Might save it for me or send it to a preggo friend.

Anonymous said...

Cute designs for pregnant moms! This is one of the first places I will be coming back to when I am pregnant!!

Here is what I posted on my facebook page:
Pregnant mom's out there...there are a few of you, check out http://carmelturtle.blogspot.com/ for some really cute maternity shirts.

Thanks for giving us the chance to win one!! Amazing!

God Bless,

Elizabeth Harkness

Lindsay said...

I hope I win. You have such awesome designs! Maybe I can use it later?... haha, not intending that it will be anytime soon though. ;)
Take care, friend!

Lindsay Weber

Lindsay said...

P.S., I did post a link on my facebook "About Me" section. I hope that works!

Chayla said...

I posted an ad for Carmel Turtle on facebook but it was so late that I just didn't mention the contest. You'll see when you get to FB. Hope you like it!