Winner is....

I was going to wait for my adorable little man to pick a winner, but I couldn't take it any longer! So...here it is. Using my awesome mug that Mandi got me from Vessels & Wares. Mmmm.

I got a bit excited about the mug... The wonderful Lori of Jewllori won! Pretty RAD since she's actually preggo! So congrats, dear. Let me know what size you'd like. :)

Thanks to all who entered!


Lori- Jewllori Designer said...

I WON?! I WON!?!? YAY!!!!!!!

How exciting! Yes I can't wait!! I have been longing for a new Preggo Tshirt!

Awesomeness! Thanks for holding this awesome contest. Sweet.

Mandi said...

Congrats Lori!!! Make sure you post a picture of your adorable pregger belly in your new shirt!!