Word on the street.

In case you're looking to purchase some yummy Carmel Turtle goods, I just wanted to give you the heads up that I'm on semi-leave. I'm catching up on orders from when t's were back ordered. I'm also coming up with wondrous new designs and delving deeper into DIY screen printing! Oh, new pics with bodies in the shirts are coming too. I'll still be around if you have a REAL hankering for something! Feel free to contact me. :)

Tonight is also your last chance to enter in my maternity shirt contest. Yum-o! Check 'er out.

I got some mesh in the mail a couple days ago (finally!) to attempt to make my own screens. This will vastly move up my turn around time and I am SO excited to not have to wash out screens. Lovely!

Anyhoo, I'll keep ya'll updated on the latest around here. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend and gorgeous weather!