Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I must really love you, cuz you get to see pictures of my nastiness. The pink stuff is emulsion. I had to use emulsion remover to get it off, but the rest is done with CLR.

*If you're brave, you can click to enlarge photos.

There was a pale orangey color in the bottom part of my sink. Like if it were filled up with a bit of water...orange. CLR zapped it away! Around the rim and faucet are a bit better, not perfect. The grout just needs to go!

I know. It's a pit. I spose that's what happens when you work full time, screen print on the side, and have a hubby & 2-yr-old. Don't judge, k? Ok.

The result of this is my resolution to do all the dishes and shine the sink before I go to bed each night. Isn't it gorgeous!? CLR totally rocked the house on this.

I didn't really love CLR in the bathroom. It was ok, but my Lysol wipes probably worked just as well. {Maybe if I had spent a long time I'd have had better results...but I just don't have that time.} I absolutely loved it in the kitchen though! It took stuff off the counters with one easy swipe. No scrubbing. And my sink? Umm, look up a bit. If I weren't already married, I may well have married that there sink {aside from the broken garbage disposal part, but that's another story}.
Also, the CLR smelled funky. Like abnormal for a cleaner. I don't think I would go out an buy it {it was free from 5 Minutes for Mom!}. The best part was the sink and I think I could get about the same with elbow grease and baking soda. It will come in handy while it lasts though! {But next time? I think I'll read the label first and wear gloves. It really dries out and stinks up!}

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Jewllori by Lori said...

Awesome job! haha! I love cleaning my sink, is that weird?