I'm 24. I work in a hospital radiology department. I am paranoid I have or will get breast cancer. Ok, I'm not a nutso! It's just that we've had so many ladies in lately younger than the "40, better start your mammos" age. Today, a cute 35-year-old who is going to surgery next week. Last week, a 23-year-old with bilat breast cancer who just had a baby. Plus, we have so many biopsies and magnification views to call back lately. It freaks me out. {My mom's mom died from BC in her early 40's.} Makes me want to go get a mammo.

It's October. It's breast cancer awareness month. Go get your mammo. Serious. It takes like 10 minutes. It's not even that bad {or so I've heard}. No one's ever come out of the room crying from pain. They're usually happy. {Except for people who are just grouchy in general. Don't be one of those.} Even if your year isn't up until April, you can call and schedule it now so you don't forget. We schedule a year in advance for people all the time. Ok? Take care of yourself. And tell your friends and buddies.


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Jewllori by Lori said...

Your're right, and I might just go get one. Thanks for the note!