for a buck

or a lot of bucks... Insane Mama is having a fun contest. You can win $50 or $100, so you sould totally check it out. And here's my little halloween memory.

I was 4. We had just moved to a new neighborhood, so it was my first time trick or treating there. There was one house on our cul-de-sac with a very long driveway. I walked down the driveway and rang the doorbell. There was a witch sitting on the porch and she started talking to me. "Hello my pretty!" It scared me so bad I took off down the driveway to my parents {forget the candy, I wanted out!}. I knew her and she felt bad, so she started chasing me yelling, "Caitie, it's me! It's just me!" Which of course didn't help. I had a witch chasing me down the driveway. I think I avoided that house every year after.

{Sorry mom if I butchered it...you know my memory. :) }


Insane Mama said...

HAHA That would have scared the crap out of me. Thanks for participating I have you down for three entries

Jewllori by Lori said...

I tagged you sweets! Come check out my blog!