A few weeks I bought some beautiful jewelry! It is seriously awesome. This was my first experience wearing the lovely work of Lori. I feel so cute today. You wanna see it, right? Ok! Here it is. ;)

Also, as a way of saying thanks for being her 70th sale, the awesome Lori sent me a superb ring! I love it. It fits perfectly. Matches my spiffy new earrings, too.

Here are some more pics, including a little diddy I did in photoshop. I needed a printing break. Oh, and don't mind the ink on my hands! I was printing some Maker shirts.

Also, I think I'm going to submit an Alchemy post for a new nose ring. The one I have now is a bit large for my smallish nose. Not on the outside (that could be bigger), but on the inside. I think I'll submit my sweet awesome photoshopping diddy.

Hurrah for gorgeous new stuff that makes me feel loverly.


Lori said...

Yay for pretty new bling! Thanks Cait! I love making jewelry for people that LOVE IT!!! You look fab in your new stuff :-)

And great idea about the nose ring..I actually saw someone the other day that did noserings..let's see if I can find her and I will email you!

Mandi said...

Lori is Mah-velous! I love her style, her jewllori rocks! Those earrings are so purdy!