Sneek Peak

This week I've printed a couple new designs. Even new dye combos that I made up! I love them both oh so much.

First I printed my Lola Flower (which was previously just on girls threads) onto a funky light green shirt for me. I LOVE the color combo. It is so fresh and springy! It is going to be my new maternity tee. Stay tuned, I'll be having a contest to win one within the next week! (I need to make one first.)

Last night I experimented with dye and made a lovely lavender. I'm thinking of calling it twilight. Any thoughts on that? It also looks nice and fresh and clean for spring. I printed a neat splatter with a semi-hidden cross that Mike designed in a light silvery gray. I think it looks like athe world, but I'm not sure that was intended. ;) AND I did it on the shoulder blade. It makes me want to get a tattoo there.


Mandi said...

Love love LUV them! :-) I totally want a tattoo there too ;-) They're both awesome Caitlin!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I am loving all your designs! wow--the hidden cross in this design just warmed my heart.
Smiles, Karen

lori said...

that second one is awesome! I love me some purple too! Great job