A not so cool day. Well. In some ways. I did get to sleep in. Hehe. Mike got up with Ki and they came in and woke me up at 10:10. Church starts @ 11. So I stayed in bed and the boys went. I know, I'm a heathen eh? Just kidding. Anyhoo I had a nice time chalking and listening to bahbabye-babye baby with the little man. He's cute.

The not so cool part came later. I burned a screen and left it under the light a couple minutes longer than usual because there were thicker parts of emulsion. Well, after 2 very long sessions in the bathroom trying to spray it out...I realised I over exposed it. The thicker parts were perfect. Washed out beautifully! The thinner (normal) emulsioned spots wouldn't work. My guess is the longer time with light went through the transparency and was just too much. So I have a lot of burnt time (ha! so funny) and now need to re-do the screen. I'm kind of over the bathroom.

So my whole new line that would have been out in the next few days is now pushed back a bit. But at least now you know I'm going to be starting lines, or series. I'm uber excited! Neat-o.

I need some coffee.

I was getting kind of sad that nobody had purchased new shirts yet. But then yesterday I sold 2 t's. That was happy. AND my buddy Mandi had like 4 sales in 1 day! Wahoo! Pretty nice. And Lori is selling like gangbusters. Seriously. They're cool.

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Jewllori by Lori said...

OH darn it! Sorry your screen got ruined :-(

I love your new designs, they are totally fun! And look at those views girl...people are diggin them! I've had to realize that the economy and gas prices are really scary these days, so people just aren't buying up really quick..hopefully that will change for all of us!!!