I won 2 contests recently. Mondays are my new favorite. Well, not really, but we can pretend right? Last Monday I won an adorable little lamb over at Baby be Blessed. Seriously cute! Today I got an email saying I won 3 "Proposal Themed DVDs" over at A Mom's Review. I'm super surprised because usually I never win anything. My brother's the one who always wins the humongo Mickey for being 100th through the DisneyLand doors. So it's neat-o. THanks ladies!

So, after all my good luck, you may want to try for some of your own on the contests below. Or just bother cuz I'll probably win 'em all... ha!


Stereotypical Housewife said...

I totally entered one of them...the one for "Because I'm Me" etsy shop. She has amazing stuff! The last thing I won, was from your shop! BTW, I haven't recieved it, did you send that out to me yet?!?

Mandi said...

Dude we're both on a streak! I've won 2 recently too!! Yay!!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Congrats on winning 2!!! drawings-- Ya big lucky!

Now stop hogging up all the prizes **wink**

Smiles, Karen