Sew Gracious is giving away this loverly tote. Head on over to her blog and leave a comment with your favorite item in her shop and it could be yours!


Lori is having a sweet contest, but I need to take pics for it and haven't gotten around to it. Share your purse essentials and you could win these!


Because I'm Me is also having a contest. Easy as pie! Comment on her post with your favorite shop item and win a $15 gift certificate. I love this quilt! I used to not be a big quilt fan, but she's converted me. Hers are so vibrant! The thing I love the most with a lot of her quilts is the fabrics she combines. They look wondrous together, but aren't matchy matchy.


Sugar & Meringue (who makes the prettiest cookies I've ever seen) is hosting a National Sugar Cookie Day (Wednesday) activity. It's not technically a contest (I don't think you win anything), but it sounds fun! Stop over and check out her blog and check her lovelies out.


Jody said...

Thank you for mentioning my contest, and even more for your very kind words! What a nice way to start a Monday.

Mandi said...

Oh yeah, and I love the little flowers on the end of your artsy dots on this blog! Cute!

When can I post pictures of our little photo shoot?

Mandi said...

Ok, so saying "oh yeah" implies that I'm adding something... but I just realize that my previous comment never posted - and I left it over an hour ago! so I don't remember what I wrote. Oops!

Emily said...

Hi! Thanks for posting about Sugar Cookie Day and for the nice comments! I'm going to post some more "event related" things soon I'll link back to you. I've been telling everyone about your "time bomb" maternity tees. They almost make me wish I was pregnant again. (almost)