unpresent presents

I'm trying to hold back. I've always been a saver, even growing up. I'd save money and then plan and buy big things I wanted. (Unlike my brothers who always had money to burn. Now!) Mike likes to get his presents right away too. He got a couple gift cards for some favorite restaurants for Fathers' Day and they're both gone. He's a goof.

For my birthday I got 3 things I have to pick. It's a double whammy problem. Savoring the gifts and a decision. Ack! After 2 weeks of nagging I finally picked my coffee corset on Monday. I'm excited to have "sexy coffee" like Mandi! (Plus Jenn was a dream to work with - SO friendly!)

I'm holding out on my Jewllori. I want to stagger my mail. It's always fun to get mail, so I want more mail days. Is that odd of me? Mike thinks I'm crazy and I should get everything right now.

And the biggest decision...I really need to make. For Jeanette's sake. I have to pick what I want! How many place settings should I get? I don't even know! Any tips/suggestions? I can still "order" and savor the gift. It'll take her time to make it and I'm sure it won't come the same day as my others. (It's really cool thinking someone's making pottery specifically for me!) I want this.

I feel anal today. It's probably there all the time, I just don't notice it.

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Mandi said...

Dude I love that cake stand - in fact I think I commented to her a few days ago about it!

As for place settings... how many are you "allowed"? I personally wouldn't get any smaller than 8, but I don't know how many she's willing to make for you. Ideally I want a set big enough for 12 people, but I don't know if that will happen till we move into a house of our own.

So yeah, that's my vote. 8. But by "place settings" what do you mean? Big plates, small plates, bowls? Cause that'd be a lot, but if she's agreeing to it, rock on! I love her stuff, I want some!