mail call

I got a couple packages in the mail today. So fun! A while back I entered in a contest to win 3 DVDs. All I had to do was tell how my Mike proposed. So I guess it's really him who won... Pretty cool though! I got Notting Hill, Absolutely, Maybe & Love Actually. I've never seen Love Actually and from the reasons it's rated R, I'm not sure I want to. Have any of you seen it? Give me a heads up if you have!


My other package was SO much more exciting than I expected (although I was originally looking forward to it)! I'm getting a bunch of pottery from the lovely Vessels & Wares. Mike's designing her web site and I'm getting a bunch of custom work from VW as my birthday present from him. :) Perfect! Anyhoo, last week Jeanette said she was sending my color samples of my choices. I was expecting a little envelope of 3 bunny butt key chains or something. (And that had me all happy!) Well when I got home and saw the box, I was taken aback. I opened it up and was giddy. Lovely lovely work! Two little bowls and a small (salad) plate in my colors.

Vessels & Wares

Vessels & Wares

They were packaged SO well, there's no way they'd get harmed. So go order from her and feel super confident that it'll arrive perfect at your door. Such high quality! So I now own 4 VW items (after my mug) and have more to come. Wahoo! Thanks Jeanette!! LOVE them.

I don't think I ever showed you guys Ki's "stuffed boy" because heaven forbid our son own a doll... Tina of Baby be Blessed custom made him just for us! It's an old shirt of my dad's made into the little boy. (My nephew is the proud owner of an adorable monkey made out of another shirt. Maybe my SIL will post pics of her sweetie & monkey...hint hint!) Ki was so cute with his boy tonight. Hamming it up for me and hugging & kissing him.

stuffed boy

stuffed boy

All in all it's been a marvelous afternoon & evening! Spent time with my sweet little mister, got fun mail, & got some work done! Niiice.


Sheila said...

Pretty pottery! And such a cute model. :-)

Jewllori by Lori said...

You got really fun mail!!!

I want to get some pottery done for my kitchen, like a 6 0r 8 piece set.. That might take me awhile to save up though!