Do you ever find things that you keep coming back to? You want them...it's just the money? Yeah. Well here's one of mine.

But I think I may actually get some this time. I can usually only use dove soap. I get super itchy with anything else. So I'm excited for something new! Dove can be pricey anyway, so I may as well try something super cool and different, eh? (P.S. Lori, Mike says we can't be friends anymore. I've been saying "eh" too much!) So, since I have new monies in my PP account, I may just go order this, but I also want this and this... I'm a sucker for vanilla! Kinda nervous about those last two, but it's gotta be good with all their great feedback! So. I'll let ya know what ends up in my cart and how I like it. Yay for GudonyaToo! I'm excited for it.


Mandi said...

Mmmm. They're in my favs too - everything looks SO yummy and clean! I see each one of the ones you linked are sold... was that you? You'll have to bring the lotion to a girls' night so we can snitch!

Jewllori by Lori said...

NOOOOOOO... you need that healthy "EH" flavor in your life! hahah!! OOh anything vanilla and soapy is awesome. I own the warm vanilla sugar soap from Bath and Body works and could eat that stuff, it's awesome!

gina said...

I hear ya about the eyes being bigger than the wallet when shopping etsy. I am giving away $2.00 if you sign with rme through me- and you can then earn up to $500 by referring it to others- alot of sellers on etsy are accepting it now - check out my latest post for more info. ps. thanks for the link to the pottery shop!