family fest

I have been such a blog slacker lately. Acuallt I have been so incredibly busy! CT had it's first live presence this weekend! I worked a local family day. Unfortubately it wasn't much of a buying crowd, so not much was sold. However, I did have fun with my boddy who also sold there. It was a long day and we both got some sun (me = tan, Mandi = red, haha!). Mandi had me take her picture with every mascot she could find. The library dog/person, the college mascot, McGruff & a cop, Sparky (from AWANA), the clown... Yeah, she's a nut! I'm sure I'll have pics later.

In preparation for the big day I spent many hours printing and dyeing and racking my brain for what I'd need. It was a great experience and helped me figure stuff out for future events. I should be around more now that that is over. :)

Also to come, more t's (some babydoll) as soon as I get pictures of them. So keep an eye out!

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