word on the street

I'm coming back! But you'll have to wait until July 12th. Think you can make it? It's my 1 year Etsy anniversary, so it seemed fitting. Plus having a date will help me stay on track. I'm pumped! Lots of work ahead of me, but I can do this. I still need to enlist a few people to be my models (including knocking my friend up with a blanket and having her play preggo...she looks good in "the motherly way"). So, keep popping back for updates and stop by my shop on the 12th!

Plus, once my pictures are done it'll be SUPER exciting because my Mike (who desperately needs to update *hint hint*) is making me a web site! Flash. It will be amazing because he makes splendid sites!

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Stereotypical Housewife said...

YAY! I've missed you and your craftiness! I can't wait for you to come back to join the etsy world once again with your splendid goodies!!!

I wish I could hun, but a pancreas is out of my league! Hope you find one though..in more ways than one!