yeah, I'm not so good at those. I have 3 Etsy purchase decisions to make and need help deciding!

First, my boddy boddy got me a lovely coffee cozy (& a coffee gift card which is gone as of yesterday!). So, check out Jenn Gee's shop and tell me what I should get (plus she's having a sale, so you should pick one for yourself as well)!

Second, my pal JP got me a gift certificate to my favorite jewelry shop on Etsy, Jewllori. I have so many favorites over there I can't pick! Help!

Third decision is a bit larger. I mentioned a while back that I really wanted a fun, eclectic set of dishes. Well, my fabulous hubby is making a web site for Jeannette's beautiful work...in exchange for pottery! (Mandi got me a mug from her for Mothers' Day & I fell in love.) Wahoo! So now I need to pick what I want and which colors. I'm thinking teal, white, chocolate brown, and olive green. Do you guys think that would look weird? I want something that I love and will like for a long time, not just a fad, but I'm currently enamored with the teal & green combo.

And just so ya know, I'm not always getting marvelous Etsy gifts (although you can feel free to send some my way!). All 3 were birthday presents. :)


Stereotypical Housewife said...

Wow you are one lucky duck! I would have a hard time in your shoes, esp. about the pottery because you want to keep and use it forever..personally I think a brown and teal is classic(thats kinda what we have) and I still use it everyday!!!

As for the other too...well let your fav's guide you! hahahah!

Sheila said...

Looks like you have some fun choices to make!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! You sure got some nice gifts! Yeah :o)

Love those coffee corsets---this is my fav

Love Jewllori too! Cute stuff--I couldn't really narrow it down to less than 2 (lol)

The colors you are talking sound good to me--I have a fabric that has those colors and it's really pretty, sooo.....

Have fun!
Smiles, Karen