water and mesh

We had a nice end of week (as opposed to weekend...we came back Saturday). We went up to Mike's gpa's lake house a couple hours away for his cousin's wedding. I got a bit of a tan, rode the Jet Ski with Mike, then his little sister, went on a boat ride with some fam (which Ki loved) and ate good food. It was nice. I wouldn't call it relaxing - chasing a 19-month-old around a house, trying to make sure nothing got broken and he didn't escape - but it was nice.

Last night my cohort came over and helped me make some screens. She needed a screen for a couple orders, so I'm selling one to her for cheap (material cost). I already had 5 1" x 2" x 6' woods, so I took them over to the 'rents and cut them all by myself! So proud. And I still have all my digits (my mom was worried). I cut enough for 5 screens. Mandi and I built the frames, then put mesh on 4 of them before we ran out. I ended up with 3 mondo frames (guess I'll be getting tons on those suckers) a smaller frame that I love the size of, and a really cute (yes, I'm calling a screen cute) square frame, about 18 x 18 that Mandi kept.

Overall it was superb! That is a gigantic accomplishment. I just doubled my screens. And cheap. I've made 5 screens now for about $40. That's just over what ONE screen costs to purchase. I am in love. And I think I got Mandi hooked, too. It's really easy, just takes some time. Mandi also came up with plenty of jokes regarding screen making that I never knew were possible...she's quite entertaining. I have to get all my time in with her now because she's moving in a few weeks and won't be right next door. Weird.

So today the plan is to put emulsion on a few screens and get some images on them. I also need to print new designs from the screen I made last time & possibly make more designs while the screens dry.

OH! I didn't tell you about the underwear I printed for Mike's cousin (the bride). I'm still not gonna. You'll just have to wait, cuz that's how I roll. It's pretty sweet though. I will tell you it's white with blue ink...something blue...

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Sheila said...

Yes, I like you with all your digits. :-) It's easier to screen print that way, too!