these...look delicious!

Seriosly. Crashed Potatoes. Yum.

So my birthday is tomorrow. We're going over to my mom's tonight and she's making dinner. My choice. Yum! I was going to choose grilled chicken, but we ended up having that for Fathers' Day. After much thought (like since Friday or Saturday) I finally came up with something! It's a big decision, you know. You're only guaranteed one a year. I chose snicker salad the other day. (If you don't know what that is...I really need to post a recipe. It's to die for.) Last night, Mike suggested chicken shishkabobs. Sold! I called my mom and told her. She added some good rolls to the list (I am SO a bread girl...unfortunately!). I'm pumped.

Tomorrow we're chilling, maybe going out for breakfast, and relaxing. I'm looking forward to a free day with my boys. :)


Lori- Jewllori said...

Aww sounds like you are going to have a great fun day tomorrow!!! The potatoes look yummy..how do you make em!?

Happy Early Birffffday!

Sheila said...

Crash hot potatoes are delish! We had them for dinner today along with ham and peas w/ pearl onions. Mmmm! Thanks for the idea, Caitie.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

Hope you enjoy your day--it sounds like fun.

I am totally making those potatoes some time this week...yummy! (don't you just love her blog, so many good recipes and she is so dang funny!)

Smiles, Karen