sweet beautiful jewllori!

Lori announced a couple days ago that she's having a one day sale. And it ROCKS! 25% off! Seriously awesome. I'm gonna say it's in honor of my birthday (even though it isn't because she didn't know it was my bday). That's just how I roll. So, go buy beautious awesome jewllori @ her Caitlin's Birfday Bash! Just don't buy what I want. :) I'll meet you in her shop tomorrow. Oh wait, I'll be sleeping in. I may miss you. To get your tasters set, here's a peek at her pretties.

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Lori- Jewllori said...

Hey thanks my lovely...of course it was in honor of your birthday! LOL! The only reason I didn't know is because you aren't one of those people that reminds others that it is your birthday..months in advance! hah!!

Oh and p.s. If you don't want ppl to buy what you like, you might want to un-favorite them *wink*