little seamstress action...and some printing

I finally made the purse I bought fabric for months ago! It's my first purse ever, plus I made up the pattern. It wasn't too hard. I kind of made it up as I went. It took me about 5 hours from cutting fabric to finish. I love it! I think next time I'll put interfacing on the inside and make the strap shorter. For more pictures, check out my flickr.

Purse 1

Also on my flickr are more printing how-to pictures! I snapped a few while I was printing a big order. Check out the comments for instructions.

Print 3

I bought a pattern from Bit of Whimsy when she was having a sale a couple days ago. I actually found it months ago. Thought it would be a good, simple pattern to sew with my daughter someday. I don't have a daughter. So this would be at least 8 years down the road. Yeah, pathetic, right? I think I'll print that off tonight and work on it. I also need to package up a couple orders and list a couple customs. :) Fun stuff! I think I'm finding sewing is relaxing to me. Nice to get a little break from printing. With sewing, there's a seam ripper. With printing, there's no undo button. No going back if you screw it up!


Lori- Jewllori said...

AWESOME PURSE CAIT! You should start doing more for your shop...and now you've got me SUPER excited about all your new screen printing designs!!

merrymedicine said...

I like the purse! And I'm sure you know I love the fabric...paisley. :-)