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Little Man

My munchkin is supposed to be going to sleep. Key word there is supposed. Instead I hear "ahhhhhh" and "K.I." along with occasional fussing. Thank goodness he hasn't figured out how to get out of that crib! A few nights ago he was saying good night to Mike. We have been teaching him ASL since about 6 months, so the little routine is a hug, kiss, sometimes a high 5, or they pound fists. Then he says "love you Daddy" and signs "love". On this particular evening he did all the above, then said "love you fish" as he signed love. Mike and I were cracking up! He's such a goof. He's my favorite little boy. Until I have another, then they'll both be my favorites. :)

Here are a couple custom maternity shirts I've done in the past couple weeks. I have more to show off, but I really need to get to work! So these 2 will have to suffice. I'll show you my end product with the screen in a bit, hopefully!!

A funny little maternity t I made. It was a neat idea (not mine) that I had a blast making! And love how it turned out. Thanks Maureen!
Custom Maternity

Custom colors for this preggo chika! (I'm glad...I'm getting tired of the tan and think I will be making it in a different color when I open shop again.) Thanks Becky!!
Custom Preggo

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

Ahhh, what a darling little guy--and funny too!! Sweet. (I miss the tub times!)
Great tops!
Smiles, Karen