Screen Fashioning

Pictures of my first attempt at screen making! It's unfinished, as I ran out of staples. I'm pumped though. Looks like it will work well.

I'm set! I've got my frame (made yesterday - I'll show that process when I make my next one), mesh, and a staple gun. Here goes my first screen making attempt.

Screen 1

Cut the mesh down.

Screen 2

Got the mesh wet, as I've read to do in many places. It's a smaller, tighter mesh than I've had before. This means I'll get finer lines, but the ink will dry in my screen faster.

Screen 3

Starting in the middle, I stapled one side, then the opposite. I worked my way out on both sides (re-wetting when needed). Then I went to the long sides and began the same deal. Middle to outside. And ran out of staples.

Screen 4

I made my frame the day before. I'll show that when I make my next one, but I was in a hurry this time! It was super fast and easy.


Mandi said...

I can't WAIT to see how your prints turn out with these screens! You might convert me!

Anonymous said...

Cool, missy Cait!

Lori- Jewllori said...

Good job!! and thanks for updating!

Jen said...

When you do your screen printing, do you pull the ink back over the screen in between printings to keep the ink from drying out? That's how they taught us to do it in school. I just thought I'd ask, since you mentioned the screen drying out faster because of the tighter mesh.