Screen Shots

My screen's all done! Before I make my next screen I'll be buying smaller staples. These ones were mondo and I ended up hammering them in the more so they weren't sticking up. (Not that it's hurt anything, I'm just anal about certain things. And it really bugs me that the staples aren't in a nice straight line!)

Check out my flickr to see the final product & compare my screens. You can also see a couple with images on them. Off to add emulsion so I can burn this new screen! I'll try to keep taking pictures along the way. I know I love seeing how people make things and screen printing is a very (long) interesting process. I don't think many people get that. :)

Check ya later!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Well, there you go--and saved yourself a small fortune in the process!! Yeah!
Smiles, Karen

Mandi said...

Whoa whoa wait... this is many posts! I'm so proud! No more withdraws!! ;-) Can't wait to see the screens! Were they all that hard? I should have Ryan whip me up a bunch of frames and just have a stack of screens on hand.

Caitlin said...

Super easy and quick! The hardest part is setting up the saw (which Charlie did!), then putting the mesh on takes a little time, but not much at all.

Lori- Jewllori said...

Look at all these posts... whoa! I am commenting here for all of them. Your Ki man is funny! I love you fish..what a nut!

I am happy to see your newest designs! I CAN'T wait to see them all!!!!!!