a happy decision

I know, I know. I've been away from here for forever. Christmas, ya know? But now I need help. I have a mondo decision and don't know what to choose! Remember when I talked about my love of treehouse28? My wondrous Mom saw the post and purchased the wide leg pants for me for Christmas. Best. thing. ever. I wore them for 2 or 3 days straight before I decided I probably couldn't get away with it anymore. They're wondrous though. {I knew they would be!}

So now for the help. I generally can't justify spending much on non-basics like awesome clothing. But I can totally justify spending Christmas money on it! So I've decided to get the wrap top. I have a zillion "favorited" but keep coming back to this one. Alix has even said she'd make the thumbhole sleeves with it for me! {So the shirt above from the left and the sleeves from the right.} I'm way excited. {In case you couldn't tell.} Now I just have to pick a color. I'm down to 3. New rust, plum, or teal. Help!

Any opinions? I'm itching to order! {Then I just have to find some way to measure myself around work... }


Meg said...

Plum is an amazing color, it's my current favorite clothing color.

I think it would look best with your new hair color.

PamperingBeki said...

I love the teal!

Emily said...

Soo jealous! Her stuff looks super amazing, it's just a smidge pricier than I can handle dropping on one article of clothing. Of course, your praises have done nothing but push me closer and closer to throwing down my Amex! I love all of those colors, I think you should look through your closet and pick the one you have the least of already. That always works out for me. Then it's kind of a "signature piece" to steal lingo from all those TLC makeover shows.