An Evening Activity

Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.

After wanting to dye my hair dark dark for quite some time, I finally made time. My Boddy Boddy {think The Wedding Planner} recently dyed her hairs red and I learned that she buys the professional stuff from Sally's. I thought that was a brilliant idea! Why didn't I think of that? So I was out running a couple errands and made my way over to Sally's, where I picked up some "dark brown" dye and components {all for $14, beat that salon!}. I slid home in the freezing cold. Then after my guys were in bed, I got to work!

I had dyed my hair red-ish from a Target box a month or two ago. You can kinda see if growing out. It mainly just tinted it. So something needed to be done.

Gotta have the sad "before" shot. {I actually like this picture though! And my part is awesome.}

During, right before I relaxed and watched a show. I'm working my way through CSI NY Season 1.

And after! See? I'm oh so happy and in love with my hairs.

And then you need new self portraits with the new look.


Ok, so this was JUST as easy as dyeing your hair from a box purchased at Target. Next time it'll be even cheaper, as I already have the developer, brush, and bowl. So like $5, whereas the box is usually at least $7, and the salon is $50 {? I've only had my hair professionally dyed once, so I don't remember!}. Plus, I have not had any fading or lost dye even when washing my hair. No colored shampoo or anything. It's awesome! I love it.

So. If you're bored with your hair and need to spice it up, just dye it yourself! It was super easy; I did it all myself. Don't let it become mom hair, ok?

P.S. Thank you my dear!


Jewllori by Lori said...

I also colored my hair myself last week and I like it too. Though I don't think we have Sally's? Never heard of it at least. LOVE YOUR COLOR..its almost black or is black? Anyways it's nice!

Mandi said...

I lurve it :-D Does Mike like it when you change your hairs up like that? Ryan LOVES that I love to switch it up every so often, especially when it's a "fun" color or style. Whenever I ask him if he likes my hair curly or straight (for example) he tells me he likes both, as long as it doesn't stay one way too long ;-)

Sally's rocks. That's where I get my waxing stuff too.

PS. did you see my blog post on my photography blog about Mandi's family pictures? I started my post the same way you started yours! Too funny!

Angie Vinez said...

I color my hair all the time. I save SO much money doing it myself, and it looks just as good as when I pay to have it professionally done.

BTW - THANK YOU for your comment on my blog! You are brilliant!! That's exactly what we're going to do now!