pressing on

I have a couple blogs featuring my shirts right now! Well, technichally a few - 3. {See Mom? I was listening!} All 3 of them are touting my Maternity Maker Shirt. Then the third also has Preggo. I love getting positive feedback about my wares. It's so wonderful and rewarding!

I have Google Alerts to thank for finding about the first one. Hehe. Sneaky sneaky! And I LOVE it when the owner is actually wearing it.

Then Danielle of WonderfulDay on Etsy convo'd me saying she'd blogged about it too. {She's not an owner...yet!} She has a little bun in the oven. By the by, she also had oodles of cute stuff in her own shop.

Then yesterday, I got a lovely convo from Sarrah who bought a couple shirts from me back in January (I think) like the day she found out she was preggo. Well, maybe the day after. Quick fast though. She's busy cooking her little munchkin for a few more weeks, but was kind enough to include me as the first feature on her blog! She has a great shop full of jewelry, PotatoFace, on Etsy.

So stop on over and check out some nifty shops and blogs. Spread the love, peeps!

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