Bezalel Designs

Ok, so I had a super cool find today! You all probably know by now that I have a major itch to sew lately. (Just check out my favorites, if you don't believe me.) I was browsing around looking at scrub top patterns (I work in a hospital & figured they'd be easy...and bankable! haha!) when I came across some reviews. One thing led to another and I ended up browsing various reviews on other shirts. I came across one that had a blog link for more pics. I've been following links like no other lately, so off I went! I landed at Krustallos. I noticed the little Etsy mini on the side bar right away. Cool, I thought. She sells there too. Then I noticed a little chunk of Philippians on the side. One of my favorites! It was awesome.

Upon further investigation (and lots more link following) I learned that Krystal sells lovely jewelry. She's new to Etsy and hasn't had any sales, so go check her out! Also, her jewelry name, Bezalel Designs, is from the Bible. Pretty cool. (And a kick in the butt to make sure mine is focused correctly. I admire her and Tina so much for that!)

So now it's time to follow my lead and hop links. It's fun!

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Pirouette said...

Wow, Caitlin,

Thanks for the plug! I will need to check out your shop as well.

Be blessed!